The Neon Craze

What better way to turn heads than a blinding dose of Neon! The highlighter trend is absolutely POPPIN this Spring/Summer. From fringe earrings to ripped jeans, the BOLDER the Color the more fashionable you’ll be. The trend jump-started last fall and continues to be holding strong into the next season. It continues at shows like Off-White, Prada and on the streets, which are littered with shocking pink pant suits and bright green party looks.

There are several ways to pull off the challenging style. One way is do it with a little restraint and pop an electric green clutch with the perfect little black dress or go All Black Everything paired with a haute pair of Neon earrings. Simple. Classy. Trendy. Or just go for broke and BLIND US with EVERYTHING NEON. Dress from head-to-toe with every electric color you can get your hands on. Either way, you’ll be on trend with this Neon Craze. Here are a few ways to bring SCREAMING COLOR into your style.

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